Niki Rohani

Expert Digital / IA / Data

    Webmarketing Gestion de projet Traitement de texte - Tableur - Présentation Informatique de base Programmation Bases de données - data Conception web - développement web E-commerce


I worked for 10 years as a Data Scientist, Data Strategist and/or Technical Lead in CAC40 structures and startup.From those experiences, I acquired skills in Data Science, Big Data Analytics and Data Architecture, Data Visualization, Real-Time Predictive Marketing, Digital Transformation, Project Management, Software Development. I am proficient in machine learning algorithms and Big Data Ecosystem for data-oriented projects in banking, entertainment, e-commerce, emailing, CRM, NLP, chatbots, and more.My goal is to help companies extract added value from data and implement AI algorithms to enhance the productivity and maximize the ROI.